Hot!UK Votes OUT of Europe!!!!! We Are Free!

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2016/06/24 04:40:18 (permalink)

UK Votes OUT of Europe!!!!! We Are Free!

I voted out. And so the UK will exit the EU. Brilliant!
The Prime Minister Resigns.
We believe the Opposition Leader will be challenged for his leadership later.
Scotland will soon trigger an independence vote, and being English/Welsh I want them to go independent from us so we can stop paying for them.
All going great over here at the moment!

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    Re: UK Votes OUT of Europe!!!!! We Are Free! 2016/06/24 08:53:07 (permalink)
    I'm just curious of why you support the UK leaving the EU.  I know my main knowledge of the vote is from following the news from across the Atlantic, so I don't have first-hand knowledge of why a slight majority (mostly in England & Wales) wanted the UK to leave the EU (I noticed Scotland, N. Ireland and urban London were in favor of staying).  It seemed like many of the reasons why Brits voted like they did are the same as why Donald Trump has support here in the States; a nationalistic, anti-immigrant sentiment.  I just wanted to hear your take 
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    Re: UK Votes OUT of Europe!!!!! We Are Free! 2016/06/24 14:06:42 (permalink)
    I'd be curious to read why you supported leaving the EU, as well.  A lot of parallels are being made between this vote, and Donald Trump's "surging" popularity - both being attributed to "working class angst" and a move toward "isolationism".  Analysts are saying this is a trend that might be seen among many western democracies, with "anti-immigration white people" being the driving force.  I'm fairly certain you supported this mainly for economic and autonomy reasons, do any arguments of anti-immigration seem like rubbish to you?

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    Re: UK Votes OUT of Europe!!!!! We Are Free! 2018/09/08 01:10:16 (permalink)
    So, would you say this post has aged well? :)

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