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Do NOT write a profile until you completely read, understand and are able to follow these rules. 

If you do not understand them, read them over and over until you do.  If you still do NOT understand them you may ask questions in ASK TEAM ANNOY  but do NOT submit a profile until you are 100% sure you are able to follow these rules.
We appreciate all the work our profile writers do.
However it is necessary that you read and conform to these rules.
This  speeds up the process of getting your work on the site.

You want us to read your profiles, then we want you to read this!

Selecting  a Celebrity

1 - Check to make sure the celebrity has not yet be done.

On the main page there is a Search Celebrities (by last name) and in Do it Yourself there is a list of celebrities by first name (updated less frequently than by last name search).   It is a good idea to check using a partial name, because of alternate spellings and accented characters.

2 - Celebrities are well known/famous public people.
If that celebrity is questionable, ask for permission from Team Annoy.

3 - Do not submit fictional/cartoon characters, wrestlers, obscure people, porn stars, web personalities, limited locally known,  objects, events or victims without approval from Team Annoy.
3a - Unless permission is given, we do not accept fictional characters, they will be rejected.

3b - Avoid obscure celebrities. If they are obscure are they really a celebrity? (We are NOT interested in Web Celebrities).

3c - We are NOT interested in Pro Wrestlers because their fictional characteristics blur who they are,.
3d - Avoid those who are only famous because they were victims.

4 - Because a questionable genre of celebrities appears on Am I Annoying, that does NOT give carte blanche to others of that genre.

5 - We are only want famous human personalities (we do accept sports teams, musical groups, popular US TV series and major cities) from DO IT YOURSELFERS. If you want to submit anything else you need permission from a team annoy member. Submit requests in ASK TEAM ANNOY.   The excuse that there are other profiles that are of similar genre are meaningless. Those exceptions do not give you permission.

5a - If you do a TV series concentrate on the behind scenes information rather than the fiction of the show.

Profile Format

Note: Everything in this section in RED is required.
Celebrity Name

Birth date - Death date:
Place of Birth:
Birth Name:
Reasons why Annoying:
Reasons why not Annoying:


Explanation of Profile Format

Celebrity Name
Most common name used by the celebrity.

Be brief - A word or two describing what the celebrity did/does.
Examples: Vocalist, Actor, Prime Minister, Murderer, etc.
If more that one primary occupation use a slash, Example: Model/Actress

Birth date - Death date
Use American system of dating - Month Day, Year surrounded by parenthesis.
Month is completely spelled out, do not use abbreviations
If you have a partial date you can use ? for the missing areas.
Birth and death dates known (January 1, 1925-February 5, 2002)
Still alive: (October 11, 1945- )    Note: the space between - and ).
* Do NOT use (October 11, 1945-) or (October 11, 1945-Present)
Unknown year: (May 8, 19??-  )
Approximate year: (Circa January 3, 1920- )  Note: Circa is capitalized.

Don' t know the birth day (1833-November 4, 1901)

Place of Birth
If US: City and State are preferred
If Canada: City and Providence are preferred
Elsewhere: City and Country
Examples: Born in San Diego, California; Born in Munich, Germany

Birth Name
Only if the birth name is significantly different from the celebrity' s name.
If the celebrity' s name is missing the middle name or is merely the obvious nickname disregard.
Use the term "Birth name is" and NOT "Real name is"

"Birth name" are 2 words - Birth is capatilized, name isn't.

This is a list of accomplishments.
Give us some highlight credentials, we are not writing a biography.

Do NOT use terms like "among others," "and many more" or "etc." the accomplishments are not intended to be complete.
IMPORTANT:: Use only sentence fragments/phrases not complete sentences (phrases rarely end in punctuation/periods).
In credentials we do not want the name of a character a person portrayed in a movie, we do use it for TV series or a plays. However you may use a movie character’s name if it is pivotal.

IMPORTANT: Check how to use quotes in the Grammar Section.
\We put titles in quotes. (Use ‘ not “).
Most words in a title are capitalized.

IMDB is an excellent source for credentials.
Here are some examples:.(Note the terminology)
Acted in 'Movie 1 (1977),' 'Movie 2 (1982),'  Movie 3 (1986),' 'Movie 4 (1987)' and 'Movie 5 (2003)'
Portrayed John Doe on 'TV Show 1,' Jim Doe on 'TV Show 2,' Jack Doe on 'TV Show 3,' Joe Doe on 'TV Show 4' and Jimmy Doe on 'TV Show 5,'
Performed as Jane in 'Stage Show 1,' Jean in 'Stage Show 2' and Jen in 'Stage Show 3'
Recorded 'Song 1,' 'Song 2' and 'Song 3'
Won two Emmy Awards (1994, 97)
King of Kingdomland (1844-64)

For example good credentials looks like this:
John Doe
(January 1, 1927-March 7, 1984)
Born in Baltimore, Maryland
Birth name is Martin Bush
Acted in 'one,' 'two' and 'three'

Bad credentials look like this
John Doe

Profile   <<<---- unnecessary word
Birth date death date: 1 Jan 1927 - 7 Mar 1984.
Real name: Martin Bush.
Acted in "one", "two" and "three".

Reasons why Annoying
List reasons why the celebrity is annoying.

Use short complete sentences.
List each new idea on its own separate line.
Tell us a few (usually 3-7) factual things that might make that celebrity annoying.
Use complete sentences with good grammar and accurate punctuation.
You may check other profiles to see what is considered annoying.
Be creative and come up with a few things you find annoying about this celebrity.
Stay with facts, avoid opinions.

Avoid - critically acclaimed, most people believe, well liked, good to fans, etc.

Remember most people who come to vote are more likely to read something informative, short and quick.

Reason why not Annoying
Same criteria as "Reasons why Annoying" but except, of course, NOT annoying.

Use Credit: not Credit Line:

This is your name or the names of the person(s) who wrote the profile.
You may use a screen name or decline having the profile credited to you.

Credit: John Doe

List of collections are found on the website and in the Forum’s Collectorium.
Do NOT use any of the photo collections (i.e. Look at Me … as your selected photo may not be used – These can always be added later in the Collectorium).

Provide a website or few, that may have interesting picture of the celebrity.
You may paste photos in your message.
We prefer goofy or odd pictures.
Do not e-mail pictures unless permission is given by Team Annoy.

Remember people are intersting, screnery is dull.
We prefer pictures that have more height than width.
We standardize photos to a width of 200 pixels.

Grammar/Style Rules

We do not use quotation marks " we use the apostrophe instead '
The quotation mark can be misinterpreted by the database and cause problems.
Punctuation always goes inside the quote.
Wrong: Hello' ,
Correct: Hello,'

When listing things like movies remember the next to the last one does not get a comma
(This applies to books, recordings, plays, TV Series, etc.)
Wrong: ' 1,' ' 2,' ' 3,' and ' 4'
Correct: ' 1,' ' 2,' ' 3' and ' 4'

Always spell out the month completely and use American dating
Wrong: (3 Feb. 1994)
Correct: (February 3, 1994)

Avoid contractions, and most abbreviations.
He's and She's only saves you one letter from He is and She is
Use and instead of &

Always begin a ( with a space before it. 
Wrong: He likes candy( Kit-Kats & Ms and Nestles).
Correct: He likes candy (Kit-Kats and Nestles).

There is always a space after a , ; .
Do NOT leave hanging parenthesis after a sentence.  After the right parenthesis add a period of appropriate clossing punctuation.
Avoid contractions, they really only save a letter (ie use she is instead of she's).

Try to spell correctly, it does help.
This is a U.S. site so please use American English spelling rules.
Don' t be lazy, use the shift key to correctly capitalize words

‘A lot’ are two words.
People GRADUATE a school, not GRADUATE FROM a school.
Keep sentences short and sweet.
Avoid excessive/unnecessary verbiage.
‘He once said’ is ‘He said’
Stay away from 'has been' use was
PROOFREAD your submission - check spelling, grammar and our rules.

Where to submit your profile

Submissions are sent as forum messages in DO IT YOURSELF
Note: Do It Yourself is only for submitting profiles of celebrities.
Users of Do It Yourself are invited to provide additional information and correct inaccuracies concerning those profiles, only.

Move chit-chat to more appropriate forums.
We also don' t mind genuine encouraging messages to the writer of said profiles.
Off topic messages and insults may be deleted.

How to Link

 ID links can either be written in the following formats
<a href=view.aspx?ID=300>Howard Stern</a>
##300>Howard Stern</a>
(yes we want ## in there).


* - Do NOT plagiarize! Do NOT plagiarize! Do NOT plagiarize!
Especially if you cut and paste, NEVER plagiarize. Put things in your own words.

We will hold you legally responsible for plagirization..
* - All profiles become the property of AM I ANNOYING.

* - Do NOT take criticism as anger or hatred.  It is intended to be constructive and direct .
*-  Use your own good sense to determine the length of the profile.
If it is very short, chances are we can not use it.
On the other hand if it is too lengthy it will not be enjoyable to read and tends to be boring.
Look at some of the profiles we have posted to get an idea of a decent length.
* - Remember most site visitors want to vote, not read.
Site visiters want short quick sentences.
Avoid excessive verbiage, say things simply.
* - Try to balance ANNOYING and NOT ANNOYING
Obviously some celebrities cry out that they are very annoying, but dig deep to find reasons why they are not.
Also for those celebrities who are pure good, try to find something annoying about them too.
* - Keep the profiles coming, even if we don' t get to them right away, we really enjoy when our members write them. It gives a more diverse group of profiles and from a different perspective.
* - Avoid opinions in why someone is annoying or not annoying.
Saying someone is a good parent, a bad actor, great to their fans, signs autographs is unnecessary.
* - Try to stick to the facts, only.
* - In credentials we use phrases,  do NOT use complete sentences.

* - In Annoying/Not Annoying we use complete sentences, NOT phrases.
* - Avoid using credentials as why someone is annoying or not.
* - Appearing on a TV show or in a movie or the character they portray usually does not make someone annoying or not.
* - Remember the character a celebrity portrays is not that celebrity' s real personality (
This is especially true of Pro Wrestlers and Soap stars).
* - Please don' t take any criticism from Team Annoy as negative, we just want our site to be consistent, it does not mean we are right.
* - We apologize if it sounds like we are not grateful for the work you guys have done, but we are trying to keep things consistent.
* - Thanks for your cooperation
* - Carefully check the differences between what you wrote and how it appears on the web site.

Put in a real effort
 Do the research or don't do the profile.

Do NOT  rely on your memory.

Good research is at LEAST 3 different sources

*** Keep your work EVERGREEN.  Avoid reasons that need to be updated. We do not have the time to go through tens of thousands of profiles to keep them current. Avoid phrases like currently touring, currently working on, plans to, etc.

Some Not Evergreen examples:
> Someone is married 36 years means next year it will have to be updated. (Use married over 35 years).
> He is the only person to catch 300 passes. (Use he is the first person to catch 300 passes).
> Next year she will … (Use in 20XX, she …).
*** Proofread your work.  Check your spelling, too.
Never make assumptions   Avoid if-then scenarios.
Stay away from this expression - Many/Most/Some People  ______________

Make sure your reasons are complete sentences

Say things briefly. For example the word once is unnecessary in "He once said ..." " He said" is better.  â€œHas been” can usually be replaces by “was.”

Remember not to  use
" use '
Punctuation goes inside the quotes 

Team Annoy maintains the right to reject any profile for any reason

Being pretty, cute or beautiful does not make someone annoying or not annoying.

Do not rely on credentials as reasons why a person is annoying or not.   Yes a few reasonable ones can sneak in.

Avoid using the word ANNOYING in your reasons (Like has an annoying voice or has an annoying habit).

Do not make unsubstantiated claims like " most" or " everybody" thinks a certain thing. You do not know that.

Don't overload the profile with statistics. Words are more interesting.
Readers are NOT interested in your searches or lack of finding information.


If you do NOT wish to submit any more profiles that is perfectly fine. Please enjoy the site and the other forums. You are doing us both a favor.

If you wish to continue submitting profiles, you MUST read, understand and use these RULES. We appreciate our profile writers that put in the effort. 

Our really great profile writers know who they are and know they are an asset to the site.

When you have 75 completed credited profiles to your name on line, you may submit your most and least annoying lists for the web sites.  This is not done so much as a reward for submitting 75 profiles, but the fact that users of the web site will have knowledge of who you are.
It is an excellent idea, the first time you submit a profile, only submit one profile and wait until it is accepted.


After reading RULES FOR WRITING PROFILES, you just need to type READ in that message. Only those writer's profiles will be used! Typing READ means you understand and will follow these rules - you will research, be accurate, use short sentences and will not plagiarize.

September 4, 2005
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