Yogi Coudoux

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2006/01/06 16:57:23 (permalink)

Yogi Coudoux

This was a tough one since I had to scour around the web for this person. 

Yogi Coudoux
Occupation:  Yoga Master
(1946- )
Born in Tibet
Resides in Paris, France
Master of the Pranayama Yoga-The art of mastering breath
Author of ‘Breathing Life: Yogi Coudoux’s Pranayama Yoga Techniques’
Appeared on the ABC show ‘That’s Incredible! (1980)’ where he crams himself into a  small clear plexiglass box
6’ tall
Why he might be annoying
He will always be known as the person who crams himself into a box.
He does his performances wearing nothing more than a towel.
He claims that his acts are not used for shock value, but yet he contorts his body into looking like a pregnant person or a hunchback during TV specials.
Why he might not be annoying
He opened his own schools of yoga and Kung fu at the age of 20.
Through his breathing technique, he has the ability of dramatically slowing down his heart rate.
With this ability he is able to cram himself into a small box that is submerged in a swimming pool for long periods of time.
For over four decades he continues to teach yoga to encourage awareness of how powerful our minds can be over our bodies by using techniques that will lead to long term health and mastery of self.
He would put Stretch Armstrong to shame.
Credit:  12 String
3327,0  (I do Yoga)
3627,0  (Asian entertainers loved by whites)
2265,0  (I am a citizen of France)
1043,0  (Chrome domes and cueballs)
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    Ooooh Missy
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    RE: Yogi Coudoux 2006/01/06 19:12:46 (permalink)
    ORIGINAL: 12string

    He has the ability of slowing down his heart rate. 

    Do you mean he has the ability to slow down his heart rate dramatically?

    The thing is, anyone can slow down their heart rate, only by breathing a certain way.  In yoga, you are taught to use the ujyaii breath.  It's when you're breathing in and out your nostrils with your mouth closed.  It sounds like you're snoring, basically.

    Anyway, I hope I don't sound like I'm giving you the third degree here.  This is a great profile, and strangely enough, this is the first I've heard of Yogi Coudoux. 
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    RE: Yogi Coudoux 2006/01/06 19:23:55 (permalink)
    It's through his breathing techniques that he used in his Pranayama exercises.  I know that it takes a while for him to go into a state where his heart rate slows down dramatically.  Sorry for being unclear.

    BTW, thank you for the compliment.  I first saw this person on That's Incredible many years ago.  The only thing that realy bothers me is that I still could not find his real name.
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    RE: Yogi Coudoux 2006/01/06 21:37:44 (permalink)
    3327,0 (I do Yoga)
    3627,0 (Asian entertainers loved by whites)
    2265,0 (I am a citizen of France)
    1043,0 (Chrome domes and cueballs)

    In the futue just the numbers - the stuff in parenthesis has to be edited out and is just extra work.

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