Anissa Jones, " Buffy" on Family Affair: The real truth!

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Anissa Jones, " Buffy" on Family Affair: The real truth!

Anissa Jones portrayed " Buffy" on Family Affair on CBS' s top ten show for 5 years. In doing research about her life, I' ve come to the conclusion that almost everything people believe about her is wrong.
That said, I would like to praise " AmIAnnoying" for being mostly correct. Only a few small errors.
1) At age 7, Anissa was taking dance lessons with her neighbor and best friend. Her friend had been taking dance lessons for years when she suggested that Anissa might enjoy taking the lessons too. Anissa' s Mom was a divorced school teacher and had a sitter watching her two kids during the day. The lessons were inexpensive, and Anissa really wanted to take them, so Mom said OK.
Anissa was in the midst of a review when she tripped and fell on her rearend. Anissa got up, dusted herself off and went back and started her routine from the very beginning. The audience thought it was a real " hoot" and broke out in hysterical laughter. An agent was in the audience that night and saw what happened He immediately went up to her mother and signed Anissa to a contract. She started in commercials, and was almost immediately cast in Family Affair, which ran from 1966 through 1971.
2) Anissa made a decision to quit acting after the run of Family Affair in 1971. She did go to 3 auditions after the show ended its run. The reason why wasn' t a " Mommie Dearest Story" . Anissa was collecting unemployment after Family Affair and had to go to three auditions to receive benefits. One of the auditions was for The Exorcist, and Anissa was terrified because she almost got the role. After her unemployment ran out Anissa never went to another audition.
Just like Greta Garbo, Anissa walked away from fame, money and success. Greta Garbo is regarded as a ferocious individualist, while Anissa is regarded as Hollywood' s first burned out former child star, who turns to drugs to deal with the rejection that comes when you aren' t a cute little kid anymore. Wrong.
Anissa and Greta Garbo were a lot alike, but there was one difference. Greta walked away from Hollywood, when she was 40; Anissa did exactly the same thing at 13. What is admirable in a 40 year old, becomes extraordinary when done by a child of thirteen.
3) Anissa' s Mom was a school teacher, her Dad was a well paid engineer at Hughes Aircraft. Anissa Dad was also a deadbeat Dad. Starting with the divorce in 1965, he would eventually fall over $10,000.00 behind in child support(@ $80.00 per child/per month for Anissa and her brother Paul). Dad abandoned the family before Family Affair, and his delinquincey in child support and alimony caused the family car to be repossessed and the family home to go into foreclosure. Both kids reported in court that they hadn' t seen their father in over five years. 14 year old Anissa told the court that she didn' t love her father and her brother repeated the remark. They both said that they loved their mother, but were fighting and arguing all the time, but they were willing to give their father another chance.
Anissa story isn' t a " Mommie Dearest Story" . It is a " Divorce Story" and everybody was guilty for what happened.
4) Johnnie Whitaker was on TV the other day and spoke about how he only received approximately $95,000.00 when he turned 18. Johnnie Whitaker portrayed Jody, Buffy' s twin, on Family Affair. He was also a much bigger star than Anissa ever was. Anissa only appeared in one movie: The Trouble With Girls with Elvis. Johnnie Whitaker gave Jody Foster her first screen kiss in " Tom Sawyer" . He also appeared in " The Littlest Angel" and " The Russians Are Coming" He also appeared in another TV series " Sigmund and the Seamonsters" .
Anissa actually received $63,000.00 in cash and certificates of deposit when she turned 18. She also received US Savings Bonds with a face value of $107,800.00, and a cash value of approximately $75,000.00. Anissa' s net worth was actually about $138,000.00. Almost half again as much, as Johnnie Whitaker received. No one, and that includes her mother, ever stole money from Anissa.

If you are going to be annoying, it is a lot better to be annoying with truth. Like I said AIA is a lot closer to the truth than anyone else, but they aren' t quite there yet.

A footnote about Anissa' s death. Though the overdose was massive, there are several factor which have never been taken into consideration. It is this lack of knowledge which has led people to assume Anissa commited suicide.
1) Anissa took three 100 mg Seconal capsules (she got through a prescription) sometime around midnight on 8/27(28)/76. She had already consumed Cocaine and PCP, which are stimulants. She wasn' t able to sleep because of this. Someone suggested that Anissa open the capsules and take the powder straight sometime after 3:00 AM in the morning. What actually happened was that Anissa took the equivalent of four(><) capsules in powder form. Textbooks define the OD danger as 30 capsules(3 grams, Anissa actually consumed only about 1 gram). What a medical expert has told me is that Seconal is a fast acting barbiturate, in which, capsules serve to provide a time release effect. Taking the powder straight resulted in Anissa going into toxic shock, in which her liver shut down, and caused her liver to stop purifying her blood. The amount of Seconal continued to build up in her system and blood, eventually overwhelming her kidneys and other organs. This is in addition to the medical effect, which was extremely aggravated by the alcohol and other drugs which Anissa took. Barbiturates like Secobarbitol(Seconal) slow down all life processes: breathing, heartbeat, etc. It wasn' t the amount of Seconal which killed Anissa. It was the way in which she took Seconal, and the immediate effect that it had on her because it was consumed in powder form, and the subsequent shutting down of her liver which killed her.
Especially when coupled with the fact that Anissa was 4' 11" and 85 lbs. She didn' t commit suicide, but she didn' t stand a chance either.

The good things to say:

Brian Keith O'Hara

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