Thoughts On Mass Shooter Profiles?

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2018/11/23 09:30:33 (permalink)

Thoughts On Mass Shooter Profiles?

Good morning, all!  There are currently two profiles in progress for (recent) mass shooters on the module.  Unfortunately, mass shootings have become far too commonplace.  My inclination is to decline the profiles for both of these recent mass shooters, but, I want to know what you think.  Are these the types of profiles that should continue to be published on the site?

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    Big Lenny
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    Re: Thoughts On Mass Shooter Profiles? 2018/11/23 13:23:27 (permalink)
    I think a certain amount of time needs to pass (minimum 4 to 6 months) before profiles like that get published on the site. This has happened before with Adam Lanza, whose profile was withheld from publication until months after the shooting he committed.
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    Re: Thoughts On Mass Shooter Profiles? 2018/11/24 16:45:23 (permalink)
    It's a tough call.
    Mass shootings used to be extreme circumstances, and I'm not against having profiles for bad people on the site (ie Hitler, Manson, and Bin Laden etc)
    Unlike when Columbine and Sandy Hook, and even Orlando happened mass shootings were major events and noteworthy.
    But like you've said they are so common now that it is over whelming.
    Just recently there were four in one day.
    I'm leaning towards a No, as far as publishing mass shooter profiles, maybe with exceptions for notably extreme cases. 
    There are just too many of them nowadays. 

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    Re: Thoughts On Mass Shooter Profiles? 2018/11/24 22:32:05 (permalink)
    I've always leaned against doing them, personally, but that's just me. I remember profiling Dylann Roof at the end of 2015, which in retrospect was way too soon, and it was an emotionally draining experience not only because of the weighty subject matter but also because it felt like a slap in the face to the victims and their family members. It was bad enough that I ended up scrapping plans to profile Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger (grandson to Holocaust photographer George Rodger weirdly enough), not only because of the subject matter but also because wading into the argument about the appropriateness of internet users swooning over him as "photogenic" was sickening to me.
    Since then, I think the closest I've come to that again is doing Seddique Mateen, who was already a public figure (and wasn't himself the shooter - just a certifiable asshole with some fringe views) - doing Omar himself just didn't seem appropriate and is another profile I think was done "too soon."
    So, I'm generally on board with a "no" - just as "famous victims" have been justifiably deemed off limits because they had no say in being thrown into the public discourse - I don't see any reason to grant any further notoriety to people who are seeking it to begin with by inflicting that kind of pain on others. But do what you will, I'm fine either way - I certainly won't be doing them any time soon. 
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